CFWF Photo Gallery
Ansari Rafiq(5), CFWF-Bandu registering him for treatment & surgery
Ansari Rafiq(7), with CFWF-Bandu during 1st stage surgery at the clinic
Ansari Rafiq(13), CFWF-Josef with patient & his father during monsoon
Chavan Ashwini (5), CFWF-Bandu & friend outside her hutment along a wall of a big factory
Chavan Ashwini(1), finding her in her hutment during slum-survey
Chavan Ashwini(2), CFWF-Josef & friend on the way to her hutment
Chavan Ashwini(6), Dr Desai during 1st stage surgery on Ashwini
Chavan Ashwini(10), recuperating at Shraddha clinic after surgery
Chavan Ashwini(13), CFWF-Josef with late Dr Cunningham following up on Ashwini
Chavan Ashwini(14), is examined by Dr Desai before 2nd stage surgery
Chavan Ashwini(18), CFWF-Nisha, friend Anita with her & mother outside their home
Chavan Ashwini(21), CFWF-Bandu with her & family members
Kureshi Arafat(2), CFWF-Bandu assessing the limited mobility of the boy
Kureshi Arafat(4), Dr Desai carefully examines the condition of Arafat
Kureshi Arafat(5), with his mother after 1stage surgery, 4 OPs simultaneously
Nishad Harish(1), Polio-patient waiting for treatment
Nishad Harish(3), has a severely crippled right leg, uses crutches
Shaikh Abid(2), difficult condition due to Polio, going on all four
Shaikh Abid(4), CFWF-Josef registering him for the project
Shaikh Abid(7), with his father Nazir at the clinic after corr surgery
Shaikh Abid(13), CFWF-Nisha & Bandu during a postoperative visit
Shirke Amit(2), suffers from Cerebral Palsy on his right arm, with his father
Shirke Amit(3), at the clinic after correctional surgery, with his mother
Shirke Amit(4), nurse Mercy attending to patient Amit
Singh Bahadur(1), with strong deformities due to Cerebral Palsy
Singh Bahadur(2), Dr Desai examined him & suggested corr surgery
Singh Padam(2), in line for treatment, with CFWF-Josef
Yadav Brijesh(3), needs multi-stage surgery & Limb-lengthening
Yadav Brijesh(4), looking forward to start treatment shortly
Yadav Chandrashekhar(2), with his father at time of register for treatment
Yadav Chandrashekhar(3), can be helped with corr surgery & therapy
Ansari Rafiq(1), 1st encounter, his condtition before treatment
Chavan Ashwini(3), due to CP suffers from deformities in her right hand & arm
Chavan Ashwini(11), showing the progress on her arm two months later
Ansari Rafiq(17), with CFWF-Josef, after successful treatment-completion
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