Terms & Conditions for receiving Medical Treatment under
Child & Family Welfare Foundation Project

CHILD & FAMILY WELFARE FOUNDATION’s Project of offering ‹Free Correctional Surgery› to disabled children and young adults is under the following terms and conditions:

  1. As per statutes of CFWF-Trust the aim is to make ‹Free Correctional Surgery Treatment› at no or minimal cost available to all Underprivileged of India. The purpose of the Web site of CFWF is to offer information and guidance to those seeking assistance in this field. CFWF is acting as an intermediary between individuals and institutions, in particular between a patient and the Shraddha Ortho Hospital, Dr. Paresh M. Desai in Mumbai.
  2. All final medical decisions are taken by the hospital or/and other institutions, which may be involved. Acceptance and agreement to a treatment and surgery are the sole responsibility of the individual. CFWF is in no way or form responsible for the outcome and results of treatments, surgeries, therapy, nor does it guarantees success in any form. The use and application of Orthopaedic Aids are the sole responsibility of a patient. Once a patient has started treatment, he or she is under observation by the hospital and medical staff and therefore responsible for following through upon their advice and instructions. CFWF will in no wise interfere in this process.
  3. By accepting ‹Free Correctional Surgery & Treatment›, a patient gives his or her consent to Child & Family Welfare Foundation for using the patient’s medical data, reports, pictures and other related facts and background on CFWF’s Web site www.cfwf.org and publications; solely for the purpose of medical research and information.
  4. Funding sanctioned for treatment will be directly forwarded to the hospital and is to be strictly used for the cause designated. CFWF may submit a budget plan for a patient’s treatment with a fixed quotation of treatment cost. However, this does in no way create a legal right for a patient to demand funding. CFWF is in no way obliged and bound to fulfil and execute a sanctioned budget-plan or/and can withdraw its support at any given time, should the situation variant it or CFWF’s policy change in this regard.
  5. With prolonged and multistage treatments a patient's medical treatment may in the course be altered and changed by means of further medical examinations, causing additional costs. Such a change in circumstances does in no way give a patient the right to demand additional funding for his/her treatment from CFWF. However, CFWF will earnestly consider further assisting a patient as much as possible within its capacity.
    Accepting treatment, advised by CFWF or the Orthopaedic hospital, does likewise not give a patient the right to claim financial assistance, either for the medical treatment nor for additional living expenses, which may occur as a result of undergoing a treatment.