Introduction to
Audited Reports & Recent Changes of Child & Family Welfare Foundation

By Josef Suess, Chairman of CFWF
Bandu Pandit, Managing Trustee

Mumbai, August 2012

Welcome to our website, where you will find documentation of our activities with the Underprivileged and Disabled of India. After volunteers and charity-minded individuals carried out the work with enthusiasm and personal engagement since 1997, the project took on a new form in 2010.

A Public Charitable Trust was founded in 2010 and by the end of 2011 a certification of 80G tax-exemption status was granted by the Government of India. In order to spread awareness and enable easier access to the project and necessary information, a website was also & further launched. We hope that the new steps taken will benefit many needy in years to come.

While some emphasis and energy had to be dedicated to the setup and implementation of a new structure, our small team simultaneously carried out the project with disabled, poor children on an ongoing basis, caring for patients and supplying Free Correctional Surgeries and Orthopaedic Aids as had been done for over a decade previously.

However, the full spectrum of activities of recent years is little reflected in the financial statements of the first few Audit Reports of Child & Family Welfare Foundation. This is due to the following reasons - a) Volunteers, trustees and friends continued to give their services and invest time on a voluntary basis, b) Individuals and donors also continued donating/contributing directly to patients and to their medical expenses/needs, c) CFWF has not yet applied for FCRA clearance to receive funding from overseas easily and swiftly via Net-banking into CFWFs account, d) Financial support on a local level has been limited up to now, during the current phase of transition when the project is slowly gaining in awareness.

We are certain that the measures undertaken are substantial and in the right direction and that future Audit Reports will begin to reflect an increased activity also with bigger monetary figures. As the project gets further established, with more awareness being created along with the commitment of CFWF-team to diligently maintain the project, our humanitarian service is bound to bring much benefit to the Needy and Disabled.

We thank you for taking part in our project and hope to build a long-lasting co-operation and bond of trust with our benefactors.

Yours Sincerely,
Child & Family Welfare Foundation

Josef Suess, Chairman
Bandu Pandit, Managing Trustee