How Can I Help CFWF Raise Funds For The Cause

1) You can make a donation and avail of CFWF's Taxexempt status within India.

2) Tell your peers & friends about the CFWF's cause and needs, refer them to this site.

3) Organize social gatherings to spread awareness and solicit funds for the cause through them.

4) Introduce CFWF's cause to your company, associates and business partners.

5) Request, suggest to your company to avail from the Corporate Social Resposibility Fund towards the cause.

6) Put up a donation box at your workplace or at an event & send the collection 2 CFWF. (Flyers & labels will be supplied)

7) If you have a website¦Netmarketing; Put a link to our CFWF's site to create more awereness by becoming partners.

8) Send us your ideas on how we can colaborate with you to further the cause. Ideas are welcome, mail to: