CFWF Project Expansion:
Child & Family Welfare Foundation is committed to continue its activities and services in collaboration with Dr. Desai and the Shraddha Clinic on a long-term basis. In more than 10 years history we have slowly and step by step built up and established a solid, effective ‘Humanitarian Medical Aid Project’ which is greatly in demand and in the process of expansion. We are counting on people to join our efforts to support and taking part in carrying on this vital task, making the services of CFWF available to more needy, poor and destitute disabled children and young adult of India.

Future Projects:
Rehabilitation and Recreation Center for Disabled
In our many years of working with the Disabled, we have discovered that a center for rehabilitation and recreation is a much needed addition to CFWF’s project. Without such facilities the supervision of progress of the last phase of patients’ treatments, i.e. Physiotherapy and exercising, is limited. Our vision is to offer patients a place where they can progress in their rehabilitation with our help and supervision. At this point of time, CFWF has no such facility; neither do we have the needed funding for this project.

The aim and desire are to start a center somewhere outside Mumbai, built and set up with facilities as per the specific needs of the project. We have one possible location and option open to us at present. We are making a plea to any interested individuals, organizations and companies to please come forward and help us work towards realizing this goal by your kind support and funding for a center, - or donating a property for this cause. Donations for this cause will be separately solicited by CFWF toward ‹Rehab Center›.

Exchange Program for Students and Volunteers
With more facilities to offer and assist us to better and adequately care for the patients, disabled children and young adults in our care, we would like to add another service to our project: CFWF plans to interlink and cooperate with educational and other institutions, as well as with individuals for the purpose of hosting training seminars and offering exchange program for students and volunteers to take part in our on-going activities. We hope to make these additional programs a part of CFWF’s overall project as soon as we have the appropriate facilities available.